PAINTBALL SPORTS CENTER SECTOR.MD opened its doors to everyone in September 2019.

In March 2020, he moved from the old-style sports hall to a new building where better conditions were created for the training process of our athletes and a new material base is used.

From 2010 to 2020, we organized sports and recreational events by TACTICS club, over the entire period of operation of which more than 36.5 thousand people tried paintball and lasertag for the first time with us. If you were looking not for sports, but for recreational paintball and lasertag - visit the page of the OUTDOOR PAINTBALL CLUB.

Paintball is a sport for everyone!

Our goal is to make paintball popular in Moldova, proving that it is not just an active way of recreation or entertainment, but also a full-fledged sport! And the main task: to help you take the first step, to rekindle your passion for our game, making paintball a part of your life, giving pleasure and bringing happiness.

You can come to us at any time convenient for you upon prior request with a guest visit and feel the atmosphere of our sport.

We are a community of people of different ages and social status, united by a common passion for paintball and an active lifestyle. We will be glad if you also become a full member of this community! We are sure that once you have tried the game of paintball, you will fall in love with it for a long time)

The main activities of our Center are:

attracting as many children, adolescents and adults as possible to sports in general, and paintball in particular;
complex development of students' physical abilities and all-round sports training;
selection of athletes for the national paintball teams of the Republic of Moldova;
achievements at the national and international level.

The only sports center in Moldova for the training of paintball players

In some paintball clubs players can be seen practicing the sport. But quality training is possible only with professional trainers. In our Center you will find a coach who has received specialized training in sports paintball. Our coach received a diploma of higher education at the Federal Scientific Center for Physical Culture and Sports in Moscow, Russia, as part of the Paintball Coach-Teacher Program.

To improve the level of athletes, we use the coaching and competitive gaming experience of the best paintball teams in Ukraine, Russia, the USA and Europe, inviting foreign coaches, reigning champions and professional paintball players to conduct qualification courses and master classes.

We have a lot to be proud of!

Paintball is a relatively young sport, but rapidly developing all over the world, in which international tournaments such as European and World Championships / Cups are held.

In the fall of 2018, we set ourselves an ambitious goal - at the invitation of the European Paintball Federation, for the first time to represent our country - the Republic of Moldova at the World Paintball Championship 2019. With the support of the Paintball Association ACP MOLDOVA, we organized the training process in the shortest possible time and in just 10 months we prepared from scratch "the players who completed the first U19 squad. The Republic of Moldova was represented for the first time at the 2019 Paintball World Championship in Amsterdam by our students.

Having gained vast experience, upon returning from the World Cup, it was decided to create and implement a program of long-term training of paintball athletes for their further successful participation in the international arena in the national teams of the Republic of Moldova.

The advantages of our Center

Unique Sports Center

The only Paintball Sports Center in Moldova for children, adolescents and adults, using a special author's method of teaching paintball, taking into account age differences.

Professionals in their field

The staff are real fans and professionals in their field. All training sessions are accompanied by a paintball sports coach for the fastest achievement of maximum results. In the process of preparation, the coaching staff uses modern methods and follows the latest trends in the world of paintball.

Modern paintball equipment

New modern paintball equipment: paintball markers, protective masks and training balls, as well as lasertag equipment

Comprehensive physical development

In addition to the main specialization in paintball, a unique training program is designed to make you healthy, developing all basic physical qualities, as well as to increase the level of discipline and temper. The program also includes such rehabilitation and wellness activities as sauna and massage.

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