Feedback from parents of our athletes about their children's experiences

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  • Svatlana Nemtan

    My son, Alexander, has been playing paintball since 2018. He himself deliberately chose this sport. A comprehensive training system, including physical training in combination with psychological practices, as well as active rest with the team, gave its results.

    First of all, I want to note what has changed in my son since his training. According to the results of the passed medical examination, his health has objectively improved, his physical fitness indicators have increased significantly, besides, I am pleased to note that Sasha has become more organized and responsible. And most importantly, he had goals.

    Having been selected for the youth team, the son took part in several international tournaments and the World Championship 2019, which motivated him and made him stronger both physically and mentally.

    I would like to express my gratitude to coach Serghei Micalo for the work done and professional approach, the ability to captivate children and inspire new achievements. We will continue our participation in your project ...

    Svatlana Nemtan
    Athlete's (Alexandru Nemtan) mother
  • Our son has been attending training sessions since September 2019, and he does it with great pleasure. The trainings are complex and diversify the child. We wish you continued success and development!

    Olga A.
    Egor's (11 years) mother
  • I would like to thank you for organizing a paintball sports section in Chisinau. Sports paintball is a very developing and exciting sport for children. Excellent sports and psychological training. The son is looking forward to being able to continue his studies interrupted by the general quarantine.

    Ina Vieru
    Arthur's (11 years) mother

Feedback from our athletes about their training and competitive experience

  • I learned about paintball in 2015, having seen videos about sports paintball, and dreamed of a section in our country where athletes would be trained in this sport.

    As soon as it became known about the recruitment of the youth team, without hesitation, I went to a meeting with a representative of the club, who told us about the sports paintball movement and invited us to a trial training session. The first workout was hard for me, but it didn't scare me. Every time I gave my all 100% in the hall, I realized that everything that I was taught would be required on the playing field, and if I could do it in training, then it would not be a problem at the tournament.

    From the very beginning of playing games with shooting, I realized that paintball is exactly the sport that I want to do. And when I go to the game with rivals, I experience incredible feelings of drive, which are difficult to convey in words. These feelings, as well as the goal set for our team, motivate me to move forward!

    In the process of training, my body became stronger, but sports paintball develops not only physical qualities. After a series of training sparrings with different introductory problems, I noticed that I began to process and respond to incoming information much faster. Sports paintball is a very dynamic game with an intermittent pace and constantly changing tactical environment on the field.

    I would really like to see more people join our paintball family. I think that many of those who are looking for a real team game on the field and a friendly atmosphere outside it should try their hand at sports paintball. If you are once hooked by a sports paintball, you will not let go ;)

    Alexandru Nemtan
    Youth Team U19 Captain